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sweet intervention_redesign

Shift a core brand idea to drive growth


Sweet Intervention

Saving people from themselves


service provided: 

Director, Producer, Editor, Production Manager, Location Scout, Lighting

Sweet Intervention is a product designed by Andres Iglesias and produced by George Crichlow to help people with portion control.  Within a Ben & Jerry’s pint of ice cream are 3 layers. Each intended to prevent a person from eating a whole pint in a single serving. Each layer contains calorie information or a funny caption to help people reconsider their edit habits.

It’s a simple solution, with an honest and transparent mission, one spoonful at a time.

The storyline follows one man’s struggle with his love of ice cream. As his craving grow larger, he loses all sense of reality and goes on a downward spiral where he becomes so consumed by his urges, he no longer can control himself.

Driven by a feeling of guilt, he tries to hide his insatiable appetite unsuccessfully.