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Rewarding people for nothing


service provided: 

brand strategy, product design, experience design, design research

Be.Cause is a strategic consultancy that designs interventions to facilitate purposeful profit for social enterprises. As proof of concept we have partnered with the Movember Foundation to help them raise funds without making men feel guilty about contributing to social causes. 

This intervention is designed to work in partnership with bars, because not only is that where men are, it's where they spend their money. Every time someone buys a drink, a percentage of the sale is donated to the Movember Foundation. As a thank you to consumers, the bar gives each patron a branded coaster with additional information on how to get involved with the cause.

The incentive for bars is that consumers will choose to frequent places that are purpose driven. Breweries benefit because each coaster educates patrons about new drinks and introduces them to social causes.  And finally consumers win because they are rewarded for an activity they already enjoy, drinking!


UNICEF commercials rely on guilt to convert sympathy to charitable giving.