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Shift a core brand idea to drive growth

starbucks doubleshot


Starbucks sought help to re-establish the brand in the ready-to-drink category. The timing was crucial. A new distribution strategy was needed as well as a point-of-view on what consumers wanted and fast. Starbucks margins were slim and so was their budget.


The result was the creation of a new beverage category for Starbucks. Ready-to-drink coffee infused with natural energy supplements. Each intended to help consumers reinvigorate, concentrate and work jitter free. A brand identity, positioning strategy and brand communication were created: Starbucks Pepsico Strategic Aliance Team.


A combination of primary and secondary research including interviews with food anthropologists, baristas, working professionals consumers and a rigorous market audit led to the insight that people want natural ingredient-based energy for lulls throughout their day.

Concept Testing

Based on the feedback from food anthropologist, an ingredients library of natural energy supplements cataloged. In partnership with the food scientist at Starbucks, several energy drink concepts were conceived and put into focus group testing. The results of those findings are now what on shelf today.