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Faced with stagnant sales, DesignHotels wanted to re-imagine their online presence.


Stakeholder interviews and market analysis revealed that the landscape and consumer sentiment were evolving, creating a unique opportunity for DesignHotels to stand apart.


DesignHotels was re-positioned to be a thought leader in hospitality. An experience defined by a handpicked portfolio of one-of-kind properties made by the original hoteliers.

Made by Originals - The story of the hotel and their developers designed to give users context about the features of the hotel. Rooms & Suites - provides a quick snapshot of rooms and availability, designed to accommodate the travelers that want to book quickly. Content that highlights unique elements of each hotel.

THE landscape 

The modern consumer demands more than service. They were making purchase decisions based on the experiences that they could have. A growing trend within the hotel industry was purpose-driven destinations. This created an opportunity for DesignHotels to tell a powerful story about their mission.

The Brand

The business had a powerful vision and story that was not being told. Stakeholder interviews and content audit revealed that DesignHotels had a unique proposition that no competitor could match.

Design Hotels_short_2_Page_16.jpg

The Consumer 

A quick Google search and a look at their "about" section reveal that DesignHotels didn't have a clear proposition. As a result potential guest did not know what the brand stood for.

Design Hotels_short_2_Page_19.jpg

The Positioning

Before we could define an experience, we had to define a clear offer. Authentic experiences is what the brand offered. Made by Originals is the content that they would cultivate and provide.

Design Hotels_short_2_Page_22.jpg
Design Hotels_short_2_Page_24.jpg
Design Hotels_short_2_Page_23.jpg
Design Hotels_short_2_Page_25.jpg

The Experience

Two user journeys were mapped out to accommodate the curious traveler that wanted to learn about their destination and the transactional traveler that wanted a convenient way to book his/her travel. 


Since the site design, Designhotels bookings have increased 30%. Time spent on the website has increased by 200% and repeat visitors average 2.5 more times than prior to the site redesign.