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Today many non-profit organizations have trouble connecting with young professionals. Many rely on guilt or antiquated fundraising tactics that don't resonate with their lifestyle. They face the challenge of growing their donors younger.


Reward people for things they already enjoy. Be.Cause is a branded experience that raises awareness for social causes in a non-intrusive way. It's a concept that test a new social enterprise business model. For every beer sold at a bar, $1 of the sale was donated a non-profit organization. 


A guest orders a drink from the bar. The bartender starts a tab and thanks the guest for donating to the charitable foundation by giving them a branded coaster with information about the charity. Each coaster is branded a provides some additional information about the organization. The guest is pleasantly surprised, has a new converation starter and enjoys their beverage a little bit more.


Interviews with fundraiser for non-profit organizations revealed that one of the biggest challenges they face is around raising awareness for their causes with young upwardly mobile audiences. A large portion of their donations come from charity events, but most of those attendees are already emotionally and financially invested donators. In the world of social responsibility were emerging social enterprises that built social good into their business models.

social enterprise_1.png


FOR THE CHARITY - they gain direct access to a new customers base. They also can secure funding without having to stage an expensive event. Guest at bars

FOR THE BAR - guest frequently order 2-3 more drinks after receiving the coasters. Guest become repeat vistors because the bar was associated with a social cause.

FOR THE BREWERY/VENDOR - the opportunity to introduce speciality drinks. Every coaster is branded and paired with a beverage giving vendors and opportunity to co-brand or sponsor a unique charity.