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Making and projecting

George Crichlow


Mapping and projecting is about actively listening to ourselves. As a tool it enables us to understand why we are attracted to certain concepts.

In the above example i’m mapping out areas of interest and plotting a map about what excites me, my fears and risk - and finally what’s holding me back. As an exercise I do this annually for myself, but i’ve never though to apply it to my thesis.

In do so, I realized that in this stage of the process i don’t know what I don’t know. I need more information. Thus far in my journey I’ve made a series of pivots, transitions and leaps that don’t necessarily tell a cohesive story. As a process some of the things I made like Spool and Pedestal are objects that are small gesture in self worth but latter up to the value of idea for a company. I think this is interesting an i’m excited to see where it takes me next.