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Design Trend Patterns

George Crichlow

Borrowing from the architectural world, design patterns are templates and reusable solutions for solving problems. For instance, the bathroom is recognizable design pattern that everyone understands. There is a sink, a toilet and a shower. While the layout may change, its function is universally recognized.

If we extend that concept to the digital world there are lots of design patterns that we recognize. For instance the business card is a format that conveys information about a person and service. This concept can be applied to scanning and ideation process to help businesses and individuals make sense of trends. The below solution borrow from the pocket format to tag and organize microtrends that then can be analyzed and synthesized into larger macrotrends.

The application of Pocket uses the concept of pocketing content from the web and scrubbing their format so that the information can be cleanly disbursed across multiple platform. I imagine trend consultancies and can pull from my pocket that i’m calling Afternow to sort through and organize trends for their clients. Trend firms can also give Afternow to their Scouts to organize local trends they identify.

A second alternative draws inspiration from the fashion world. What if trends and ideation tools could be bought and sold like retail items online.  What might they look like? How would that information be presented and how might someone make a repeat purchase? The below example explores the idea of selling tools to convert abstract trends into applicable business strategies.

As an offer these might become guiding principle that can used to exchange information between clients and regions.