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10 Types of Innovation

George Crichlow

Started a new book this week.

Over the last 15 years the Innovation Consultancy Doblin has analyzed and identified 10 types of innovation disciples that all companies fall under.

What i’ve found really interesting is that companies that develop two or less innovations are at risk of imitation. The best companies continually innovation and often when they go to market develop three or more innovations helping them to redefine their categories.  

Companies that create two or less innovation often fall under this category of creating  new products or new processes. These can be copies and thus require continual product development.

So far what i’ve found most informative is that the most innovative brands cited incorporate 3 or more innovations that help the define new categories. The ones that standout to me are:

Product design

This trifecta gets customers interested. Product design distinguishes their offer. The service keeps consumers in the ecosystem and the brand distinguishes their offer.

My main takeaway so far is that product development is not sustainable. When designing, it more important to design the system that is supplemented by a product, service and experience.