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No two client’s business challenges are exactly the same. So why do companies hire consultancies that use a standardized process to solve unique business challenges? 


Afternow creates organizing principles to uniquely solve any business challenge by combining different stages of the design thinking and design making process to help start-ups validate and test their ideas.

The Platform


Interviews with various innovation consultancies, incubators, start-ups revealed that today the reason why most start-ups fail is because they fail to solve for a consumer need or are not scaleable. It was also discovered that all break-through ideas follow the same process, called the Innovator’s Method. Regardless of the idea, the innovation process can be divided into four key stages. At each stage, various start-ups and innovation consultancies have developed methodologies to validate their ideas.


Informed by the design patterns of business cards and e-commerce websites, the below wireframes explores organizing content into familiar patterns or shopping websites and the information hierarchy of the business card.